Community-led solutions – it’s where it’s all happening for CanCERN at the moment and it feels good (although a little exhausting!)

Just like the picture shows, CanCERN has brought the cogs together, lined them up so the wheels turn and pushed the ‘go’ button with community right at the centre.

Let’s Find and Fix is going great guns with 325 properties identified so far as needing assessment for temporary fix. These have come via the door-knock which volunteers of Red Cross have been out doing and also via the 0800 number which anyone with issues of weather-tightness, sanitation or security are encouraged to call.

Assessors will be heading out as of next week and temporary fixes are managed from there. The partnership between CanCERN and the cogs –  insurers, claims management companies, EQC, CERA, Christchurch Appeal Trust , Community Energy Action, Red Cross and Christchurch City Council – is working well with a lot of conversation, innovation and goodwill.

The media coverage has been fantastic – informative and positive, offering people an opportunity to get on board with the project, and the community response is starting to kick into gear but we need more of it from you – the residents and leaders in this community.

Please spread the word far and wide – copy the adverts onto newsletters and social media sites, send a note to staff you work with or talk to the people in your street. You never actually know who will benefit from this project and if the mission is to find everyone before winter then we need all the community help we can get.

In the Know is another fabulous community led initiative and it is gaining real traction as a useful resource. Once again, we’re bringing the cogs – the agencies – into the community space and have asking them to work with the In the Know process to get a better flow of information by understanding the resident priority questions what constitutes a useful response.

There will always be tension in the area of communication between the residents and the agencies and what in fact is a ‘good’ response. The Think Tank will work to ensure the response actually answers the question but doesn’t make a judgement call as to whether the response reflects what is happening for the resident in reality – that is up to the affected residents to play their part. If you do not believe this is your experience, go to the agency and ask them to explain what it all means for you.

Of course it’s early days and like all good community efforts, reviewing and reflecting on the In the Know process is what will allow us to fine tune the it so it is as good as it can be.

Some people like numbers so here they are – visits to the website since our launch on 7 March have been:

•           Total visits: 4897
•           Total unique visits: 3563
•           Overall page views: 28394


So chin up people, community-led initiatives and collaborative efforts with agencies are making their mark on recovery – all good stuff.