business-commerce-map-mapping-flow_chart-flow_chart-grand_scheme-bve0211lThis week has been a great example of utter information overload.

EQC have fronted in the media about cash settlements and uploaded new information about increased flood vulnerability, Ecan dropped a bombshell on 11,000 property owners about potentially contaminated land, CCC announced the Flood Taskforce findings, the government’s budget came out, updated insurance progress figures were released and possibly the biggest announcement of all was the fact that EQC and ICNZ are heading to court to get a declaratory judgement on EQC’s settlement of land damage.

All of this information goes into the planning of the ‘grand scheme of things’ and basically what it means for many residents is that we are feeling overloaded and a little confused as to how to respond and what it all means for our decision making.

Greater transparency to this information is a good thing though but we have to be able to process it and CanCERN is working hard to be part of groups which do allow for these opportunities.

It is the weekend though and the weather forecast is for no rain so take some time to clear your head of the white noise and find your happy place. We all deserve to rejuvenate in the happy places of our lives.