900-300x199Remember when ‘Let’s Find and Fix’ was called ‘Find the 900’ because we figured there were about 900 families who may need temporary earthquake repairs to their homes to make them sanitary, secure and weather-tight?

Well it seems that the figure was pretty accurate and Let’s Find and Fix has just ticked over 901 registrations.

While it is not so great to think that 900 families have these issues in their homes, it is great to see how successful the project has been at removing the barriers and allowing people to have warmer, safer and healthier homes for winter.

The project is still running and people can still call 0800 233 551 to register for an assessment. At this stage the repairs have been happening at a slower rate than we have wanted but additional resource is being thrown at the fix end and we hope to see the number of fixes increase.

The response from our governance partners has been brilliant and insurers and EQC are both keen to keep the project running so that we can find everyone who needs these temporary repairs done – no stone unturned is the idea.

Thanks also to the organisations, frontline workers, community leaders and residents who have promoted the project to people who can benefit from it. Keep up the good work!

A quick aside, CanCERN’s AGM is this Tuesday, June 10th, and will be held at 6pm at Wainoni Methodist Church, 878 Avonside Drive, Christchurch. It’d be great to see all our members there!