Harrison-Polwarth-canal-stuckSome weeks ago we met with Dr Rob Gordon to talk specifically about the ‘stuck’ – defining the stuck, engaging the stuck and how best to help to unstick the stuck. One of the recommendations from Dr Gordon was to try to get the stuck to define what being stuck feels like for them so here is that opportunity.

You may remember the wordle above that we CanCERN created to illustrate some of what we were hearing from stuck people. We want some input now into how accurate this illustration is so please take a few minutes to add your thoughts.

You can do this by going to our facebook page here and adding to our post or by following the link here to a very quick survey page. We have pulled together terms people have already shared which you can tick and there is space to add your own words as well.

We acknowledge that people can be stuck yet still have spirits in tact. You are encouraged to also enter words which reflect this so we can have a well represented picture of what ‘stuck’ feels like for different people.

We appreciate the time people take to engage with this activity. It may not get your claim sorted faster or more satisfactorily but by defining the ‘stuck’ people, we can ensure that all recovery agencies are fully aware of the head-space of this group and plan their communications and support accordingly.

A wee reminder to people as well, this can be overwhelming  so seek help when you need it. Sorting claims and reinstatement is not a fast process and sometimes getting some extra support to help you wait is important.  Free counseling is still available for earthquake affected people via the Canterbury Support Line – just call 0800 777 846.

Things are exceedingly hectic at the moment so the newsletter may be missing a few stories. We will endeavour to give an update on the various workstreams CanCERN is focused on in the next newsletter.