problem-solutionWord of the week – embuggerance – an obstacle that gets in the way of progress (thanks to Mary for introducing us to that one).

The obstacles which arise when making your way through the insurance process can seem huge. Getting a question answered can take months with many back and forth emails and unreturned calls. It seems it would be easier to get an acting role in Shortland Street than to get someone to explain why all of your light fittings are missing from your scope.

Each new problem compounds an already unresolved issue, and because our stress levels rise, we can also start to fret about problems that haven’t even arisen yet.

It has to be said that lots of the problems in the residential recovery are enormous and there are no easy solutions; retaining walls, multi-unit buildings, flood and land damage – these things are hard to understand and hard to find good solutions for. That’s why customer-centric service is crucial, however, it’s become tricky because of the breakdown of trust between the customer and the insurer.

So, CanCERN is interested in finding streamlined solutions to the embuggerance; specifically the smaller ‘no brainer’ kind of embuggerance. These are obstacles which are currently taking months to address but could be dealt with via a well placed phone call.

They could sound like the following:

  • “I just want to see a copy of my report so I can understand what I am signing.”
  • “I’m not signing any land settlement Deed of Assignment until they can assure me that the sinkhole by the clothesline will be dealt with.”
  • “Until they can give me confidence that jack and pack is a safe option and I will be covered if future events I’m not signing the repair strategy.”

It’s just an idea at the moment, but we are planning on talking to some of the insurers about how CanCERN could work to help reduce the problems with very simple solutions.