Thank you to all of those ‘stuck’ residents who shared their words with us to test our perception of what being stuck feels like. The new wordle does not paint a happier picture but we believe it paints an accurate one. We will share this with many agencies as we continue to advocate for communication and processes which acknowledge the head space of many of those still dealing with their residential recovery.

As we mentioned last week, we are interested in solutions to unstick the stuck a step at a time and are exploring what alternative or supported customer service looks like. We have many, many great earthquake support services available – Residential Advisory Service, Earthquake Support Coordinators, Canterbury Insurance Assistance Service to name a few – and we are pleased to see the level of positive interaction between the services and the insurance industry.

We believe we have a more direct role to play with residents too – not to duplicate the services already available, but to help with getting the ‘no brainer’ problems sorted out more quickly.

Because we’re still figuring out what this new direction looks like, we are planning a couple of focus group sessions to clarify options and we need your help. If you are keen to attend or just to hear a little more about the sessions please click the link here and you will be directed through to a two minute questionnaire so we can gather your details. Please feel free to pass the invitation on to others who may like to attend.

stuck wordle 2 (

We want the next wordle to be an uplifting one – words of progress, understanding, common sense and innovation.

And just in case this wordle has put a real dampener on the start of your weekend, here’s some laugh therapy – we all need it and this one has worked for us in the office all week! If cats said “hey”.