tumblr_kvqi8hzygS1qaxwn2o1_500Some days the internet is your best friend and sometimes it is enough to make you tear your hair out. We had one of those weeks as our website kept locking people out. Maybe it was an overwhelming response to our cat video. We seem to have it up and running again now but if you missed last week’s newsletter please check it out here.

To follow up on a few points from last week, we are still keen on running a few small focus groups to look at what unsticking the stuck really looks like. If you are keen to attend or just to hear a little more about the sessions click the link here and you will be directed through to a two minute questionnaire so we can gather your details. Please feel free to pass the invitation on to others who may like to attend.

The post about things to consider before heading off to court might just be a little more pertinent now if you have been following the Bryan Staples/Grant Shand story on Campbell Live. Maybe read it again and ask a few questions before signing up for something unexpected.

The post about land damage and insurance policies has landed in the right place with EQC and ICNZ both looking into it. According to them the questions are the right ones to highlight a potential issue and they are onto it.

Have a wonderful and warm weekend.