customer serviceThis week we hosted two small focus groups drilling down into what is sticking people and what some of the solutions may look like. A big thank you to those who came and offered their experiences, their wisdom and their openness to be challenged on some of the frustration we all carry.

The summary of the sessions can be read here, but in a nutshell, what is causing people to become stuck can in many, many instances be dealt with by the agencies engaging in better customer service practices. This isn’t rocket science but there is definitely a science to understanding the difference between commercially driven customer service and resident-centric customer service.

The great news is that these focus groups truly validated the path CanCERN is going down as we develop a pilot aimed at getting people over the stumbling blocks by facilitating better customer service with the insurer. We’re calling this pilot ‘On Track’ and we hope to have the operational aspects of the pilot sorted within the next month or so. From there we will be looking out for stuck residents who we believe may benefit from being involved so we can kick this thing off.

Another exciting piece of work we are working on is the Land Education Centre (still to be named). As we’ve mentioned before, this is a multi-agency approach to sharing what is known about land and to make connections to the decisions that have resulted from that knowledge.

We have an opening date of early September and it will be situated in St Albans. This coincides well with land damage letters, the Mayoral Flood Taskforce Report release and the Ground Improvement Trial learnings, so it should be a good opportunity to make sense of what has happened and what it means for your home decisions.

Have a good weekend people.