helpLately there have been a few worrying comments made about people getting to the place where the only option is to ‘take matters into their own hands’. In the current environment, this comment is only going to lead to more difficulties in communication between customers and the insurer or EQC. We are already seeing an increase in security consciousness and the resulting backlash from frustrated residents – ‘don’t treat us like criminals’. The reality is that in many situations the trust between the customer and the insurer or EQC has been broken for some time and the situation needs some help.

We understand that some people feel very alone and lost when they are trying to resolve their claim or get their home dealt with. It can feel like everyone else has power and control over their life, which can be disconcerting for people who have been used to making decisions largely unheeded.

We want people to put a different spin on the concept of taking matters into their own hands though. We want people to take the opportunity to get the help needed to regain control of decision making. There are so many organisations out there able to help people get unstuck, but it’s up to residents to put their hand up for that support.

That-Was-Then-This-is-Now-Funny-iPhone-4-Slider-CasesWe believe the tide has turned this year and there’s a new openness from insurers and EQC to work more directly with community and earthquake support services to find and resolve the issues of those who are stuck. While some people will make painfully slow progress due to the technical difficulty of their situation, there are others who could be progressing faster and more positively if the right conversations were held. There was a time when it was incredibly difficult to have fruitful conversations – that was then. But this is now, and we’re finding that the conversations are much better – they’re solutions-focused, pragmatic, and often apologies are given.

Our Breakthrough pilot with Southern Response capitalises on this new environment and we would encourage anyone who believes they have an issue with their Southern Response claim to give us a call to see if we are the people who can help.

But we are not the only support out there, so we’ve tried to explain some of the different supports in the next post.

Take matters into your own hands and read the post. Take matters into your own hands and make a call to the people who sound like they can best help you. Take matters into your own hands and spread the word to other stuck people. Residents are not powerless and there are helpful and proactive choices you can make. You just have to trust that someone is waiting to help you.