in-the-know-land-hub(1)In the Know Land Hub – it’s all about imparting the knowledge of the experts to the community. Expert knowledge is only half the picture though because it needs to be combined with community expertise to be the full picture.

An expert will tell you about how liquefaction and lateral spread happen and the impact on the land and we will be educated. A resident will talk about their lived experience of liquefaction and lateral spread and the impact on their home, family, and decisions. The real power lies in the shared story.knowledge-is-power-but-only-when-shared

CanCERN supports the In the Know Land Hub because it is an opportunity to understand how scientific knowledge has been used to make decisions that affect residents. The community has asked for this level of scientific transparency and it has finally been delivered with easy access to the scientists who have actually carried out many of the studies.

University of Canterbury’s Dr Mark Quigley (Department of Geological Sciences) and Dr Matthew Hughes (Department of Civil and Natural Resources Engineering) delivered a fantastic presentation about what has happened and what is likely to happen to land in Canterbury. They even touched on the prickly topic of sea level rise and threw out the challenge of when/how and if we need to discuss retreat areas.

This topic has been debated many, many times via social media and often with a sense of frustration that the real facts have been withheld. How very frustrating then that over two sessions these presentations were delivered to a grand total of 16 residents. Dr Mark Quigley was spot on when he opened the first session by noting that the much asked for scientific transparency was obviously not as valued as the noise in the community would suggest.

We share his frustration. We get that a lot of people are information overloaded, tired and cynical. We understand all the reasons why and make no judgement of the people. That said, we are still frustrated that there is an opportunity to talk face to face with people about the whole land confusion and yet only small numbers are managing to get there.

We’ve heard from a couple of readers recently who have said they’ve felt alienated by CanCERN and think we have taken an unrealistic or condescending tone in some of our commentaries. This isn’t meant to be patronising, condescending or any of those annoying tones. It is meant to be a bit of a kick in the butt though. You have questions, the Hub has people to give you answers, and if there aren’t any answers yet, they’ll tell you that as well.

Give it a go! The Increased Liquefaction Vulnerability letters are due to arrive in letterboxes this week. Whether you get one or not, if you are confused, go to the Land Hub and ask why. If you are confused about Increased Flood Vulnerability, the Flood Management Area, the Fill Management Area, and the Fixed Minimum Floor Overlay (and every other term that relates to flood hazard) go and ask someone to explain it all to you. If you want to know what happened in the Ground Improvement Trials go and watch the videos and talk to the geotechs about what it may mean for your property if you are ILV. Make use of the seminars – you can see the full schedule here.

The information that is now held about land and land damage in Canterbury is so vast that it cannot all be delivered to you by a claims manager or via a fact sheet in your letterbox. So we urge you to take a small amount of time out of your week to go and see the In the Know Land Hub.

Where and when?

Beulah Church
140 Springfield Rd

Mon, Oct 13th – Wed, Oc 15th  —  9am – 12pm, 4pm – 7pm
Thurs, Oct 16th  —  9am – 12pm