smiling-dog-2Sometimes it just takes one good news story to focus our attention a little more on other great things that are happening.

The CanCERN ‘family’ has had one of those weeks and as we have had a few weeks of ranting we have decided to focus on a few celebratory points.

Our dedicated and wonderful chair, Ali Hughes and her family move into their newly rebuilt home today. Along with many in Canterbury, it has been four long years of phone calls, letters, emails, form filling, assessments, reassessments, planning and re-planning, with no shortage of tears, venting sessions, Facebook posts and questions. Today though, her family move into a fabulous new home and start the process of reclaiming decisions about their home and their life. That is something to celebrate and we wish them all the very best.

Because Ali’s moving, this vacates the rental which has been her temporary home for the last many months. Another very tired family is moving in and will wait for the their home to come down so that another can take its place. There’s sadness for this family as they prepare to say goodbye to the only home they have ever known, but there is also a new energy and some excitement about getting towards the end.

New homes are not the only things worth celebrating though. A former CanCERN Board member Mark Hau and his lovely partner are celebrating the recent arrival of their first baby. What better way to celebrate new beginnings and opportunities than to welcome new life? On behalf of the CanCERN ‘family’, welcome wee one!

There is a heap of building going on out there – some of the suburbs are humming with ideas, the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and there are a good number of long weekends heading our way. There’s a renewed energy for collaborative and innovative thinking in the residential recovery space and although it’s not particularly visible to most people yet, there are new opportunities.

About 650 people went through the In the Know Land Hub and many, many of those said they felt better for having been there. Breakthrough is trucking along slowly, but it’s great to spend time with struggling people and be able to offer them an opportunity they didn’t have before.

We get that there is still an immensely long way to go for some and we are here for the long haul to support those people and to make sure their experiences are a central consideration of the recovery. Today though, we also want to acknowledge and celebrate all of those people who have good things happening. It is good and healthy to celebrate happiness, so make the most of it and thanks for letting us share.

If you are keen to share a bit of happiness about your neighbour, read the post about the Good Neighbours Competition. Giving them an opportunity to win prizes is bound to get you a BBQ invitation at the very least – a great way to unwind and have some fun.