brain-exercisesFor all that this has been a short week, the brains have been getting a serious workout at CanCERN and the weekend will be a welcome break.

Leanne has been at a two day conference about how to change the world. It was actually about Collective Impact, but in essence the idea is to make the world a better place, and for us at CanCERN, we aim to make disaster recovery in New Zealand a better experience.

Sarah is up to her eyeballs planning the evaluation of Let’s Find & Fix so we can take the learnings and ensure community projects get better and better at serving the people.

And Marcus has probably had the biggest brain stretch of all sitting through the Declaratory Judgement hearing and trying to make sense of what is being said. It’s no easy task to immerse yourself in legal language and concepts but he is doing a superb job of pulling out some key points. If you are also trying to follow the hearing or have an interest in what is being thrashed around, check out his post.

Brian is on a short break from CanCERN work while he teaches teachers in China, so we expect his brain is also getting a language hammering at the very least.

We hope your brain is heading for a great weekend whether it be a relaxing or stimulating one.