Ralls_Texas_Grain_Silos_2010Every country has its fair share of  bureaucracy – paper trails, formality,  policy and legal protection.  Embedded in many of our newsletters are also the cries of frustration from residents and community groups who constantly face the mountain of words that impede any real forms of action.  We have even gone as far as describing the effects of processes and their control on agencies and how this disempowers, demoralises and generally creates eunuch agencies.  Simply, agencies are forced to silo themselves, keep separate, protect their back doors from others and maintain a safe distance of inertness.

What happens when enough of the people in those agencies realise this is the case?

  • Do they leave?
  • Do they complain to their colleagues?
  • Do they complain to their friends, family and pets at home?
  • And/or do they ALL just wait for someone else to fix the problem?

That’s what’s been bouncing around in our heads this week… The question it really comes back to is:

How is it that everyone can see where the issues are in the residential recovery and yet still believe it is not them that can make the change?

Heading towards the end of the year is the time when we should all be reflecting – CanCERN is always reflecting so it’s not new for us – but the end of the year is also the time to summarise where things are at. This, as evidenced by the initial rant above, is a frustrating time and there are a few critical comments and questions that need to be said. We are gathering our thoughts so they are a little less rambling so stay tuned.