1488101_10154901450200587_6418548554140010989_nWhen a small but committed group of resident leaders kicked this organisation off in September 2010 to make sure we could put resident focused solutions into the decision making mix, we honestly thought we would be out of here by now.

We’re not! There are still a few thousand reasons to stay and until those few thousand families have a clear and supported pathway to getting back in their homes, it looks as if we still have work to do.

There are many, many people who help us to help stuck residents in the earthquake recovery and we would like to thank every single one of you. Whether you have supported us with encouragement, funding, great information, pivotal introductions, practical solutions, or open doors, we thank you with great gusto!

2015 will be a year we work with others to focus on getting people through faster and better. Our mantra will be ‘one starfish at a time’.

Until then though, we are taking a break to refresh and enjoy time with our families. The office will be closed from 21 December – 5 January, but we wont be fully staffed again until 19 January which is about when we will all be back online.

We hope you have a joyous and relaxing Christmas.

Festive regards,

Marcus, Sarah, Brian and Leanne