change512Change is afoot (again) and it’s making some people nervous.

(Our first post is all about IAG cash settlements.)

To be honest, there are loads of things we would love to change in this recovery and we don’t think it’s too late either. We would love to change the lack of leadership in this residential recovery space. That’s not likely to happen so we may just need to create leadership opportunities instead. We would love to change the lack of coordination. That also is not likely to happen any time soon so best we get on with creating that leadership and make the first priority strategy and coordination. We would love to change the way the agencies (continue to) communicate. It’s not rocket science – get to know the people behind the claim!

The list could go on but one thing we have been taught by the agencies in this recovery is that just talking about things doesn’t make them happen… so enough said on that particular matter.

Change on a positive note:

  • The newsletter is coming out on a Monday from now on – the main reason being that Fridays have gotten far too busy for us. We want to make sure we’ve got enough time to make the newsletter the best it can be. Technology also tells us that many of you read it on a Monday anyway, so for you folks not a lot will change. If you’ve got major issues with a Monday newsletter do let us know. As always, we’ll upload posts to Facebook as they’re published, so if you want information first then like our page.
  • The In the Know Hub is getting real (as opposed to a shimmering wish in the distant horizon). Hopefully by next week we can announce the who, the when and the where.
  • CanCERN is going to be here for a little while longer thanks to the members voting to extend the sunset clause. For how much longer will depend on need but legally and constitutionally, we are now here beyond April 2015.