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Finally, after many months of planning, we are excited to announce that the In the Know Hub is all set to be up and running on . . . (drum roll please) . . . Monday, April 20th at the Eastgate Shopping Centre.

The In the Know Hub is a community-led initiative supported by CERA, EQC and MBIE.  A lot of goodwill and energy has gone into the development to ensure it is able to be responsive to the information and support needs of residents who are still making their way through the repair and rebuild process.

This earthquake has thrown up so much for us to contend with; policies, building codes, flood mitigation and a whole bunch of newly unearthed words, terms and acronyms like liquefaction, IFV, ILV, DOA, as new and  jack and pack, just to pull out a few.  We have had to come to grips with new people being in our lives; insurers, bankers, valuers, builders and engineers. Most of us have folders full of paper-work, a lot of it not easily understood. Many of us are ridiculously tired and quite a few of us need a little more help.

Well, In the Know Hub is the place to go to ask questions to help you progress through the residential repair and rebuild process, to understand, to meet the experts, to learn or just to talk to the friendly community hosts.

Brian from CanCERN is part of the hub management team and he’ll be making sure that what comes out of the hub meets the needs of those coming into it. Super community hosts Bob Henderson and Carmel Jagger are known to many of you already and if they can’t make you feel listened to, no one can. We will also have Earthquake Support Coordinators, Residential Advisory Service (RAS) staff and EQC Customer Contact Team staff on hand each day, as well as experts from various agencies. The place will be buzzing!

CantCommTrustLogo0611We’d also like to thank Canterbury Community Trust for their generous ‘Need Help Now’ grant which has enabled CanCERN to employ the hub’s community hosts. They’re investing in community-led recovery and we’re very grateful for that.

Here is a snapshot of what you can expect from the In the Know Hub:

Multiple agencies under one roof – meet with them face-to-face, access their information, be connected, and establish your next steps. Agencies at the Hub include:

  • Residential Advisory Service (RAS)
  • Canterbury Earthquake Temporary Accommodation Service and Earthquake Support Coordination Service
  • EQC and geotechs
  • Christchurch City Council

Things to note

  • Not all agencies will be at the Hub every day.  Soon we will have the website and 0800 number up and running so you will be able to see who is at the hub on each day.
  • The hub will be open from April 20th to June 26th.
  • Opening days and times are Monday to Wednesday, 9am – 6pm, and Thursday 9am – 8pm. It is closed Friday to Sunday and on public holidays.
  • Private insurers won’t be sitting at the Hub on a daily basis but everything is in place to connect you back to the insurer when that’s the best next step. They will also be part of the seminar series.


  • Seminars on residential repair and rebuild related topics will be held at the hub each Thursday at 1pm-2pm, and 6pm to 7pm – beginning Thursday 30th April 2015.
  • Seminars are a great opportunity to get expert information out there and resident questions answered. We will need to manage numbers so you will be asked to book a seat in advance. The seminars will be filmed as well so no one will miss out.
  • You will be able to visit intheknow.org.nz for the list of seminar topics and presenters, but we can confirm that the first seminars off the rank will be about EQC’s Increased Flooding Vulnerability (IFV) and cash settlements.

So we are counting on you to help spread the word. The Hub is coming and it’s there to help.