long-time-no-seeIt’s been a while since our last newsletter, but don’t take our silence to mean we’ve been sitting on our backsides staring at the wall. No, these past few weeks have been hectic, thanks in large part to the launch and subsequent popularity of the In The Know Hub down at Eastgate Mall. We’ve also facilitated some successful Breakthrough meetings which have reminded us of what we already knew – open and honest communication, a truly listening ear, and common sense thinking are usually all that’s needed to enable a homeowner to move forward positively.

So it’s been busy but it’s also been a time for focus and reflection on how well people are coping in 2015. The All Right? team have produced some sobering data regarding people with unresolved claims (see it in this newsletter), disaster expert Dr Rob Gordon is back next week to help us all understand why we feel like we feel, and one of our own staff recently hit the exhaustion wall and has had to take time off to recalibrate.

Our thoughts for this week?

  • Be kind – to yourself and others
  • Get help – for yourself or others
  • Intentionally look for things to lift to spirits – big, small – look for them all

Take care people