Every now and then we see glimmers of brilliance in the engagement teams of recovery agencies. Here’s a good example of what happens when they really step into residents’ shoes and think about what’s needed. Well done to SCIRT for this piece of brilliance.

On another note, we were approached by a reporter this week with what seemed to be an easy question: Did we think $80k was a lot to pay for CERA to pay for a recovery app (called ‘Chch Story’) that only 1500 people have downloaded? Our knee jerk reaction was, ‘hell, yes!’, but we’ve constantly been amazed by how much anything IT costs, so if that’s what the market says an app costs then perhaps it’s not so gob smacking.

The more considered response (because that is what reporters approach CanCERN for) was that we knew the app to be based on research which shows that telling and reading local people’s stories improves wellbeing in post disaster environments. We advocate for some risk to be taken when trying to improve wellbeing outcomes, especially if that risk is based on good evidence.

The big question we put back to the reporter was, “Why the relatively low uptake?” Who actually knows about the app and whose responsibility was it to promote it to the community so the benefits can be realised? In part, we think it’s the community’s responsibility – leaders, residents, friends, family. If you know about it, pass the information on to someone who needs it. CERA could spend another $80k promoting it, or we, Canterbury residents, could take some responsibility for promoting things that help people.

we_need_youThe point of this wee rant is not to annoy you but to ask you to consider how you help people around you by sharing helpful information, contacts and tools. Do you share our newsletter? Have you invited anyone to the In the Know Hub seminars? Have you taken anyone who is stuck with earthquake stuff to the Hub?

There are a lot of people who need help, support, encouragement and a whole raft of other things at the moment. Whether you are through the process and feeling good or deeply in it and feeling in need of help yourself, you have a whole bunch of things that can help. Pass them on.