Flockton flooding meeting – videos and presentations

Below are videos from the Flockton community meeting at Shirley Boys High School on July 8th, 2015. We have separated them into topics in order to make viewing a little more manageable. Immediately below you’ll also find links to the slideshow presentations of the presenters who had them; you may remember we had some technical difficulties with the projector on the night.

EQC – Overview of IFV
EQC valuer – How DOV is calculated?
Christchurch City Council – Dudley Creek flood mitigation


July 6th, 2015

Hello! If you’ve found this page you will have received one of our flyers in the mail. We’ve created this page so you can be as clued up as possible going into Wednesday’s meeting.

Below are videos of a couple of flooding seminars that have taken place at the In The Know Hub over the past couple of months. These are important watching because they provide context to the Flockton-specific conversation that will take place at the meeting. There won’t be much time to go over the wider context, e.g. what is IFV and how is it worked out by EQC? You’ll  find those answers below!

Thanks for taking the time to school yourself up and we look forward to seeing you at the meeting on Wednesday.

– The CanCERN team

Increased Flooding Vulnerability – how does EQC put a value on it? (Two videos below)

IFV – how does EQC work it out technically? I.e. based on engineering. (Two videos below)

2 thoughts on “Flockton flooding meeting – videos and presentations

  1. Hi Teresa,
    The meeting was recorded and will be uploaded in the next week or so. It will be added to this page and will also be advertised on the CanCERN Facebook page and in our newsletter. You can subscribe to our newsletter via our home page and there’s also a link to our Facebook page there too.

    – CanCERN Communications Manager

  2. Hi, I was hoping to get out of some lessons so I could go to the meeting tonight, but I am unable to. I live at 64 Aylesford Street. I have watched the seminars above, but am wondering if tonight’s meeting will be recorded and uploaded to watch? Thanks for your time, Tess

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