future-predictionsIt’s been a while since we put the last newsletter out and it hasn’t been because we’ve been slacking off or that there hasn’t been a lot going on in the world of residential recovery.

After five years of working in this space, CanCERN has had to review the roles we play, roles that may be necessary next year, what value we can add, and the opportunities we still have to make the residential recovery better for the people we serve. It’s a complicated set of questions to consider when so many agencies we work with are in a state of transition as they prepare to move to the dreaded ‘business as usual’. Obviously the people still trying to resolve claims and reinstate homes are not yet able to return to a ‘business as usual’ life so there is very definitely still a need for someone to shine a spotlight on the realities of recovery for these people. What that looks like in 2016 is still murky because at this stage, there is little visibility on what CERA’s transition will mean for residential recovery.

So this week we don’t have all the answers but over the coming weeks we hope to have a few more. Breakthrough has ramped up which is an exciting development and we have had really successful outcomes for the homeowners who have allowed us to facilitate conversations between them and Southern Response – read more in the post below. We have also facilitated a few meetings with EQC and that has given us some insight into changes EQC is making. Changes take forever to filter through large organisations but when doors start to open we know we can really add some value for the people. The In the Know Hub is still rocking along at Eastgate and homeowners are still reporting that they are in a better position for having popped in. Just being able to talk to the Community Hosts who can help unscramble the situation is enough for many to know what the next step is.

And of course, it’s not all about insurance and repairs and rebuilds. Flood, Coastal Hazards, community rebuilding – these things are also playing out in people’s busy lives. We are pretty pleased to see new community leadership pop up to lead the charge on these other issues because Harold Fleming nailed it when he said,

“The wisdom of the community always exceeds the knowledge of the experts.”